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Robots are amongst us, whether we realize it or not. In the not so distant future, it's a sure bet that most people will have become aware of their presence. Robots exist, in various forms, throughout the world. Many are designed to help people accomplish tasks that are too challenging and/or too heavy for them to handle on their own. They are also designed to handle duties that are too demanding fiscally or just plain boring, freeing up human beings so that they are not relegated to these types of jobs.
Factory robots, those that assemble cars, refrigerators and other house appliances are amongst the most common of all robots. However, these aren't the only type. There are others, particularly Android robots, which are being built with characteristics that are similar to human beings in both their appearance and function.
Android robots are made to resemble people. They are human-like in their form with two feet, arms, head, eyes, ears, lips. These robots are being designed to take care of household tasks, many people would rather forgo.
Robots have always sparked our imagination and many famous designers have made games about them. Today people play robot-themed games, watch movies and read comics which feature them. Many parents purchase robot toys for their children because they understand the fascination associated with them. Robot games primarily require players to simulate fighting and/or shooting. However, they are still useful for the purpose for the development of hand-eye coordination and concentration. Parents that believe that their kids could benefit from the aforementioned, may want to encourage their kids to play Transformers games, every day for short while.
Transformers are perhaps, today's, best-known robots. They have been around for some time, and it doesn't look like that will be going anywhere anytime soon. Fans can read all about these fascinating robots in comic books. They can also watch them on the big screen, as several Transformers movies have been made and released. Individuals that enjoy playing online games will find that there are countless Transformers-themed games that are well-designed and fun to play. Individuals that play or who would like to play online, Transformers games, will have plenty to choose from. There are a large number of them currently out, with many more likely to come.
Robots have seemingly always had a place in, at the very least, the human mind. Overtime, those thoughts and dreams have become reality. Robots exist in a variety of forms. They are routinely used to manufacture goods and more recently, are being designed to take on more human-like form and tasks.

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