Robo Trobo

Robo Trobo is a clever physics game in which little robot, who escaped the production line, goes through a series of levels avoiding traps and obstacles by solving puzzles. Your job in this fun brain teaser is to figure out what needs to be done in order to get the robot from 'point A' to a red flag, which represents your destination point on each level. Regarding controls, you can always click on a robot to get it going, or if you click again, you will stop it moving. Lever from the top right corner controls robot moving direction. The rest of the scene usually hides other clickable items, all kinds of levers, bolts and wheels which needs to be clicked and placed in a certain way to make safe passage for the robot right to the red flag. It's really interesting game. image of Robo Trobo gameplay

I suggest you watch the walkthrough, at least a couple of first levels before you hit the 'play' button. I will also provide a link to this page from the game page so you can easily go back and check the walkthrough in case you ever get stuck. I'll make sure the link opens up in a new page, so you won't loose the progress. It is worth mentioning that the author of the game is Pegas Games, and that this game, being so cartoonish and colorful, reflects their usual and recognizable style.

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