GTA mod – BUMBLEBEE VS STINGER – Car Smashing Battle (Video)

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  • This is the latest GTA mod with Bumblebee smashing cars onto Stinger’s face – watch the video!

    GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto and it’s a game from 2001 made by Rock Star Games. It would not be normally interesting for Transformers fans, but it is now. Why? The reason behind is that the PC version of this game is highly customizible. That menas that, when modifications are enabled you (or someone who is skilled enough) can make a MOD (abbrivated from modification) of the game, which means he can add new characters, define new weapons, movements, dialogs etc. All this is script driven and highly customizible. The basic engine knows how to process these new objects and how to handle their interractions, so you basically can get a functional piece of a completely new game based on the existing model.

    Today we have hundreds of GTA scripts available for free, and the latest one I am about to show you guys is about Bumblebee fighting Stinger, as you can see in the video below. What do you think about these model, and how they jump and throw cars on each other? Looks cool, doesn’t it? Enjoy the video.

    Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

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