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  • Best Transformers Games – Top List – Top 5

    I tried to put together a top list in one place of the best transformers games for pC, XBOX, PS2/3/4 …in one article according to multiple sources. Thanks to Punchline’s reviews and some other guys I’ve read online or seen on YouTube.


  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon PC Game

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon PC Game is a mix of third-person shooter and vehicle combat with plenty of slam-bam action and undeniably enjoyable weaponry. In the end, with less-than-stellar graphics and weird physics, you’re left with a game that just makes you want more :(

    Transformers Dark Of The Moon gameplay

    Plenty of slam-bam action

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon stands as a companion game to the blockbuster movie starring everyone’s favorite giant robots and although it contains plenty of slam-bam action to entertain fans, the fun just doesn’t last long enough. It also suffers from some poor graphics and a few other problems which hold it back from being a classic so unless you’re a die-hard Transformers fan, this can easily be missed.


  • Transformers News: December 2014 Roundup


    image of Transformers Age Of Extinction poster

    Oscar 2015 date has been set to February 22, 2015. The place is also known – Dolby Theater, Hollywood. It is quite expected to hear roomers, even months before the big event, about who’s going to be nominated and for what. Paramount Pictures won’t sit idly by neither, and it appears that they just started lobbying for Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. And not only for the best picture of 2014, but also for Michael Bay as the best director. I have mu own opinion about this movie, and frankly, it wasn’t quite the best edition of Transformers series, although being a true fan. I would love to hear your opinion on this below in comments. Does Michael Bay really deserves an award for this movie?


  • Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark? Or Fizzle?

    Two Worlds – Two sides – One Goal – Destroy Earth

    In 2015, director Michael Bay and company will release a new Transformer’s movie in the theaters. To accompany the big screen movie, Hasbro has once again joined forces with video game publisher Activision to create a companion game for the movie. The new game will be called Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark and will be released in June of this year.


  • Transformers Age of Extinction Preview

    Director Michael Bay has been known for making big budget, high octane adventure movies for decades now. He is the man responsible for bringing the ultimate mechs in pop culture to the big screen with Transformers and the following sequels. Now he is bringing us another romp with the Autobots in 2014 with Transformers Age of Extinction. This new movie will be an “out with the old and in with the new” mentality as it stars an all new cast of humans trying to save earth from the evil Decepticons.


  • Best Autobots Which are More than Meets the Eyes

    Way back in time, before compact discs and dvds, before direct tv and dish network there was a time known as the 80′s. This was an era of such poor talent and taste. Things like big haired rock bands and Hawaiian shirts were thought to be the coolest thing ever. It was a very terrible decade, unless you were a kid. The 80′s had the best cartoons and arguably the most popular among them was Transformers. There were many fights that took place on the playground over who was the best Autobot or Decepticon, members of the two warring factions from a distant planet that came to Earth to continue their annihilation of each other. Here are the best transformers of all time, a decision long ago discovered on the battlefields of my childhood, somewhere between the tetherball and the monkey bars.


  • KRE-O Prime VS Zombies Game

    Everybody loves the Transformers. There are even some of the 1980’s toys still up in my attic. Most gamers would think that there is only one thing that can make Transformers better and that is Zombie transformers. Yep, Zombie Cons. Sadly, Prime Vs. Zombie Cons is not the game you are looking for.


  • About Transformers Games

    About transformers games


    Transformers first hit the scene in 1984. Initially a Hasbro toy line, the brand has transitioned to become one of the biggest movie franchises in the world. The Autobots versus Decepticons war continues to rage on, now not only at the movies but via online games. Transformers games, particularly flash games, are amongst the best and latest ways that Transformers fans can stay plugged-in to all things Transformers. Transformer games put players in total control. They get to determine the destinies of their favorite characters, such as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. (more…)

  • The War For Cybertron – Game Review

    We all are very familiar with The Transformers. Even if the elders don’t know about them, they get their know-how about these from their kids who are quite aware of the same with the advent of internet and technology. There are movies, comics and cartoons of these characters. The most liked form of the Transformers is the game named Transformers- The War for Cybertron.


  • Decepticons – The Evil Dead

    The Antagonists

    In any Hollywood or a Bollywood movie, there are two main characters without which the movie is not complete. One is the Hero who fights for against the injustice and the other is the villain who does the injustice. Many times we see that the role of the villain is more appreciated. (more…)

  • Transformers – The Thought Behind

    The Transformers are those machines that have a special ability to convert themselves from a moving car to a gigantic robot or a fighting machine and again regain their original form. (more…)

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