Energon Racing

Be strong and merciless like 'Lockdown', lightning fast and nimble as Bumblebee, and brave as the most-feared warrior Drift. In this racing game coming from Hasbro, you will see them all. The transformation has never been so easy. With only one press of a keyboard, the Autobot instantly transforms into a racing car, sliding under low obstacles. To jump over the higher obstacles you must transform to a robot, by pressing the 'up' arrow key quickly. Energon Rally:Run As Bumblebee

No room for errors

In the world of Transformers Autobots, there is no room for errors. If you fail to avoid obstacle 3 times, the game is over and it takes you back to the start. In each cycle, from the home control panel, you get to choose between one of your favorite characters. Help them reach the end of Cybertron's energon factory without any damage.

Energon Rally: Drive As Lockdown

Goal: Score maximum to show off

The goal is to score maximum and than to show off with your friends. You never now who's watching. If you play well, maybe one day you'll get a chance to drive alongside with Optmius Prime. This time it's Bumblebee who needs your help. Play well, and he will return a favor.

Energon Rally:Play As Drift

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