Iron Ranger

Who is Iron Ranger? Is he somehow related to Power Rangers, maybe Magna Defender? Or, he might be some Tony Stark's production based on Transformers technology. I am really not sure. Anyway, this guys is sitting behind the wheel of the most modern spacecraft, capable of doing very sharp turns and vertical maneuvers.

In Iron Ranger, you control the ship to navigate it through the narrow corridors of some very complex facility. The building is swarmed with traps and it takes a lot of skill not to touch any of them and safely find the way out. Even if you bump onto the wall, the ship will explode and you will loose a life.

image of Iron Ranger intermediate level

In between the regular levels, there's the intermediate level, in which you travel in a spaceship through a narrow tube with obstacles coming from your left. The idea is to steer the ship either up or down and try to minimize the number of collisions. If you pass the intermediate level, which lasts for about 1 minute, you propagate to the next room.

image of Iron Ranger game level

In the end, it is worth mentioning that this is not a shooting game. Arrow keys for maneuvering is all you'll be using, unfortunately.

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