Transformers Showdown Online

Transformers Showdown Online is a typical shooting game with transformers. You need to eliminate all of the enemies and get through the rain of bullets until you reach your destination. The money you earned can be spent on upgrades. Transformers Showdown Online game


Since the game is a classical shooter, the most important option is choice of weapons. The 'upgrades' menu pops up at the end of each level, and this is where you can spend all the points you won to buy more powerful weapons. There are 10 types of guns, lined up in price range. The cheapest is the basic gun which fires single shots. Than you can take Skorpion 7.65mm, MP5Navy, Uzi semi-automatic variant, a shotgun, and in the end you have a bazooka, which costs an incredible amount of 35000$.

Transformers Showdown Online gameplay


You move around using arrow or WASD keys. To shoot, click and hold the left mouse button. 'Q' key is used to swap weapons. 'P' is for pause/resume.

the aim of the game

You are the Autobot, most likely Optimus Prime. You are located on the enemy soil and need to get through to the destination. Along the way, from your right, enemy robots approach, and they need to be eliminated. Beside the regular soldiers, there are robots attacking from the air (easily killed) and the bosses who are specific for each level. The game is not hard and it offers a lot of options. It basically comes down to shooting and killing the enemy. Your Transformer isn't bulletproof either. If your shield drops down to 0, you're dead.

Transformers Showdown upgrades
Transformers Showdown level 2

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