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  • Everybody loves the Transformers. There are even some of the 1980’s toys still up in my attic. Most gamers would think that there is only one thing that can make Transformers better and that is Zombie transformers. Yep, Zombie Cons. Sadly, Prime Vs. Zombie Cons is not the game you are looking for.

    This game is all about surviving wave after wave of undead transformers, who will crawl and walk right up to Optimus Prime and then crawl or walk right on past Optimus Prime, barely causing any damage. For the short time that I suffered through this game, I never witnessed any variation in the Zombie Cons. There were the walkers and the crawlers. These Zombies don’t even have the decency to go from walking to crawling. There was no color change and skin change. The only change that could be seen was that as the levels progressed the Zombie Cons moved a little faster.

    The game is a flash based web game. Players will use a mouse and keyboard controls to move Prime along a road somewhere around the city of Phoenix. The w a s d keys will be used to move Prime up and down, forward and back. The mouse pad will be used to aim and to shoot the Zombie Cons.

    There are many guns that Optimus Prime will pick up and use. These guns are mapped to the number keys of the keyboard. If the player doesn’t like one gun, he or she can hit a number key and Prime will automatically change weapons, provided that the player has picked up extra guns by walking over them. These guns are delivered to the battlefield by way of an airdrop. The guns are inside some sort of crate that parachutes in and busts open. These guns have no name that I can tell, but they are the standard fair. There is a slow shooting shotgun type and a faster semi-automatic weapon. There are more to these falling crates than meets the eye though, as there is also a small amount of life points that are inside some crates.

    The music in the game sounds like it came off a 1980′s Casio keyboard. The sound effects of the guns are so terrible that it is easier to just hit the mute button. There is so much wrong with this game, that it is really hard to see any good. The budget had to have been so low or else the vast majority of the budget had been used for the Hasbro License because the graphics look worse than watching the old television cartoon and is an affront to all decent flash based games.

    The game suffers from an untold amount of lag; it will stutter and pause, causing the player to lose the aiming reticule at the wrong time. This amount of lag will also allow the Zombie Cons to appear from one side of the screen to right on top of the player, giving the player no chance of killing the robot before taking damage. Right now the only redeeming feature of this game is that it is free. I sincerely hope that if the game finds its way onto mobile devices that it also carries the free price tag, otherwise it will feel like zombie highway robbery. For now, if you want to check out this game you can play it on the Hasnbro Offical Website here.

    Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

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