Androids took over the earth since humans are long gone. There robots need energy to live and they are spending their time in search of energy sources like batteries and generators. But as time goes by that is becoming a challenging task. But today is a lucky day, one of the bunker hatches opened by itself and you are to investigate if down there are hidden some batteries or whatever can help produce some more energy. This is point and click game that looks like a escape game but is not. Here we search for things rather and try to get in somewhere rather than trying to get out. The game is somewhat hard because of illogical placement of objects you need to progress. Still the graphics are very well done and the setting of the gameplay is very interesting. The storyline is very cool but somewhat lessened by the lack of little more logical placement of items needed for completing the game. At the end, the creators left the possibility for another sequel to this game.

Transformers Games
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