Optimus Vs Demons

Demon Hunter is "Optimus Prime vs Aliens" shooter, where you run towards the destination point, returning fire to the aliens shooting down at you. Game is very simple with minimalistic almost trivial gameplay - very simple and short 'aim and shoot' side-scrolling runner. I am not sure where all these aliens are coming from, where they from ben 10 series or something like that, but Optimus Prime is there, so this is transformers game.

There's only one level. You basically run under heavy fire, and there's no way to take cover, speed up, slow down or do anything in order to dodge a bullet or an incoming missile. The only thing you can do is to shoot back, all the time. That's why I call these games 'mouse killers'. Fortunately there's only one round, and it last for about couple of minutes. If it lasted longer, my mouse would have been broken by level 3.

image of Transformers Demon Hunter game scene

As you run, shooting your way through, you will notice progress bar slowly getting to the far right position. This is your destination point. All other aliens stop coming at you and the boss appears in the sky. 'the boss' is a mother of all aliens that you have previously fought with. It's bigger, stronger, and it takes a lot more to take down. Oh, and it's very pink.

image of Transformers Demon Hunter fight boss scene

There's nothing much you can do after finishing up the first round. The only option is to reply the game or to move on ... At this point, the game feels as a demo of some great upcoming transformers game, so hopefully we'll see the rest of it soon. I hated the shooting part, but the alien characters were amazing, maybe little too cartoonish, but still great. Obviously, a lot of work has been put in design.

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