Transformers Space War 2

Transformers Space War is a space shooting arcade, featuring Optimus Prime on his quest for the All Spark, which is necessary to rebuild Cybertron and bring piece between warring parties: Autobots and Decepticons.

The mission is set in a deep space. While searching for precious All Spark, Optmius suddenly falls into a trap of enemy units. At first equipped only with the protective shield and nothing more than a brutal force, he is yet to collect more useful weapons, so pay attention to the table below: super laser, extra rockets, extra energy, hyper speed, extra chance and bonus points.

image of Space War Instructions: bonus points

To unleash the special attack called 'Power Punch' you must press and hold 'n' key. This is important, because as soon as the obstacle breaks it might release some additional bonus items.

image of Space War Instructions: power punch

And that's not all. The spacebar activates special protective active shield, and is quite useful when it gets messy. Good things never last forever, so not the shield. Be warned that as soon as your 'energy meter' touches zero, the shield gets useless and your precious robot gets vulnerable again. This could be tricky if the shield fails in the middle of big battle or while taking hits from the meteor shower.

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