Transformers Truck

There were some new developments regarding the attack of the Decepticons. They are gathering forces in the desert and are obviously preparing something. The large groups of Transformers is observed heading north and Decepticon scouts are sweeping the area. All this points to the conclusion that something is coming and that Megatron is up to something.
All this intel is making us believe that there is an upcoming attack on some of our nearby facilities. That is why we have to relocate some of our resources across the desert and strengthen that first line of defense. It is of utmost importance that the cargo gets there as fast as possible. But, that brings us to yet another problem. If you go too fast it might fall off and that means more trips to the destination.
Autobot leader Optimus Prime will personally carry out the mission. He will transport all the necessary supplies by himself all the way to the destination. Bumblebee will help him load the crates and stay behind to prepare the next shipment of weapons and Energon much needed to strengthen their position. And there you come in. You are the one giving much necessary instructions regarding the road, acceleration, deceleration and speed of Optimus Prime. using your arrow keys you will lead him across the rough terrain and strait to the base.
It will be very hard not to lose any crates along the way but you should try to keep as many as possible because the ...
...very survival of the base is depending on those weapons. This will remind you much of monster truck games. And it is actually very similar. You have nine available missions and no more to move everything you need from one place to another. And each time, the road will be a bit harder and obstacles get greater. Each passing by is harder than the previous one, and the road is filled up with more obstacles.
The faith of Autobots rests in your hands. Your ability to steer Optimus Prime is the only thing that separates this mission from failure. If you do well the victory is at our doors. If not, the tide of this war might go either way. Megatrone is building up his army and we almost missed this. But now we have the edge. We know that he is up to something and we have the time to prepare the counter attack. Optimus is ready and Bumblbee is anxious to start. Good luck to us all!

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