Girls Like Robots

It's a no secret that girls like robots, and not nerds. So logically they don't want to sit next to nerds, not on the bus or anywhere else. Girls are fighting over their place next to a robot.

So, your job in this game is quite simple. Just make sure your robot sits next to as many girls and make them all happy. Don't put two girls together. They don't like that.

The game is like a puzzle. Each level has several sub-levels with different sitting patterns and a different number of empty slots. By clicking on a slot you basically call up for a next title, but at that point, you can't tell whether it's a girl or a robot. If you make a bad guess, you can always hit 'undo' button and make things right.

The game is actually quite easy, but you will also need a luck to a certain extent.

There are actually more rules and they vary from level to level. For instance, if you surround robot with girls, it will freak out. Please note that diagonal does not count! And in other game robot likes to be surrounded with 3 girls, but 4 would be too many. It depends on the level what will be your task as it changes all the time.

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