Devastators Demise

The Constructions have transformerd into Devastator. His intent is to destroy the Earth. Autobots, it's up to us to stop him. You will need to drive through narrow Cairo streets and to avoid obstacles on your way. You will have to press the winning key combination just in front of the obstacle in order to avoid a crash. The game itself will tell you exactly what you need to do, you just need to repeat it fast. If you do it correctly, you pass without a scratch, plus you get the Energon. You collect the energon to shoot at Devastator. There is a choice between three vehicles: Ironhide, Optimus prime, Bumblebee. You can pick one, but have in mind: Ironhide is slow but very strong, you can use his 4x4 as advantage on the road. Optimus Prime is fast and strong, and he has the ability to blow up obstacles with his firepowers. Bumblebee is the lightest and therefore the fastest car, ideal for great stunts which can also bring you some extra points and more energon.

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