Robo Duel

Choose your robot and enter the ring upgraded and armed with power-ups. Beat your opponent and advance up the ladder in this interstellar tournament. Can you beat them all and become the ultimate robot, the one with no real adversary and no match in the entire known universe. Robots are ready for you, for the one who will bring them glory and make their name immortal. So, are you the one?! Can you make your way among many who flocked to this tournament from every corner of the galaxy? Get ready the competition is about to start!

The first step is to choose your robot among the eight offered to you. On your right, you can see the robots' name, his energy levels, hit force, precision and defense capabilities. They are all different and each has its advantages and flaws. Choose smart and later upgrade to achieve te optimal balance. Once you start winning you will be able to buy power-ups and thus improve the performance of your robot. Once you're done, and before each fight you'll be able to see who is your opponent and also its statistics.

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