The Right Way

Use obstacle boxes to steer little robot 'the right way', across the hovering board through the time-portal.

Main game features

  • 24 levels
  • cool music & clean graphics
  • smooth and simple controls with flawless animations
  • in-game tutorial

How to play?

There's a robot sitting on a board made out of anti-gravity boxes. One of the boxes contains a portal which leads to a next level, and should be the robot's destination point. To make robot go, you need to press 'the play' button. But keep in mind that robot can make only right turns on obstacles. If you place yellow obstacles on the right block, you will (or will not) make him go into desired direction to finally pass through the portal. There are 24 different levels, where each new one represents more complicated combination of anti-gravity boxes and therefore requires more 'thinking' in the process.

Robot Games: The Right Way - in game tutorial

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