Transformers Prestige

There is an age old story of the war between the two Transformers fractions of Autobots and Decepticons. It started centuries ago and lasted a long time. The good guys Autobots fought to defend their home planet but failed to do so. Their leader, the brave and honorable Optimus Prime then decided to withdraw and establish a new base from where the fight for Cybertron will continue.
The decision was made and Earth became the next home for Autobots and place from where they plan to launch the next attack. In the meantime the Decepticons and their evil leader Megatron who took control over the Cybertron are planning further. The master plan is to attack and defeat all remaining Autobots where ever they are. That is putting Earth in danger and Autobots have to do something to prevent Decepticons and their ruthless plan. But before they can even think of launching any attack against the Decepticons, they have to get some essential supplies. Now this is where our game comes in. Optimus Prime has taken upon himself to get the supplies of Energon which is as we know the main source of energy for all Transformers. In order to do so he needs to get deep inside the Earth and roam the long forgotten catacombs in search of it. The intel he has is that there he would find large quantities of much needed energy.
While roaming through the catacomb corridors Optimus will encounter underground creatures which can endanger him. ...
...Simple jump on the head of a giant spider will solve this problem. Besides collecting Energon he should collect the gold and lives so he can keep going forward long enough to get enough energy for Autobots.
This game actually resembles the Super Mario game. It is practically the same game but with a new main character. Instead of Mario, Optimus is running and jumping in his search for Energon and coins. Now, there are also hidden coins in some of the blocks and you have to hit them from below to get to the coin. Also not all of the spiders require the simple jump on the head. There is from time to time a big one and you have to apply several precise jumps to kill him. Once you have cleared one level you get to go to the next level of catacombs and so on. Once you have cleared them all, the final battle for Cybertron can begin.

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