Dark Of The Moon Hidden Object

Hidden object games are very popular specially when they include transformers as their main heroes. Here we have several pictures of Optimus Prime and other participants from the movie Dark of the Moon. For every mistake 25 points are taken from your overall score, so do not make any unnecessary clicks. Click only when you are sure that is the wanted object. The hidden objects vary from pieces of armor, weapons, something in the background, lieraly anything can be the desired object, so open your eyes and match objects in the picture with those in your lower left corner. Right next to those you will see on which level you are and how much points you've made so far. Here is also a timer which shows you how much time you needed to complete the task at hand. There is some background music playing as you search, but you can turn it off by pressing the button in you lower right corner. Also the most important thing to note is that the object are not necessarily the same size as given below so don't let that trick you. One more thing, in the level one there is one specific object nobody can't find at first, it's some triangular silver piece of metal and its placed in the upper right corner in the picture in the gray area.

Game Screenshots

hidden object game screenshot 1 hidden object game screenshot 1

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