Reach The Core – Robotic Drills

Reach The Core is quite unique intergalactic mining strategy where you equip and deploy robotic miners in search for underground minerals. Miners are only semi automatic and they need human control to navigate between dangerous debris hidden under ground that could damage the drill. Your objective is to get deep underground and collect gems and minerals which are going to be used as fuel for intergalactic travels.

After each mission you earn some points, depending on how successful you were, which you can spend on upgrading your driller, by improving speed, visual abilities, drilling power and other customizable parameters. Despite the fact that the game play consisting mainly of one drilling probe going underground doesn't sound quite exciting, the game really takes as much as it can out of this simple concept. Going further and further along with each tryout, exploring new depths and dealing with new obstacles, breaking your own records is quite challenging and addictive. p>

Cheats are enabled by default through the 'hack bar'. Press 1 - for health, 2- for energy, 3 - turbo, 4 is money, 5 for gems and 6 is for plasma. p>

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