Transformers Titans Return

After uniting Transformers' body with the Titan's head, your robot-warrior is ready to defend the city. Power up the Fortress Maximus before time runs out to win.

As you will see, the play button might something lead you to another (obviously advertised) page, which happened to me once so I hope it won't bother you at all. I know, not cool, but it's a free game, and that's how it is.

The first thing you will see is a welcome screen which will offer you to choose one of your bots from one side and a titan monster on the other. The bot is how your Transformer's body will look like without a head, and Titan monster is just a head. Take a look at the screenshot after picking up these two things. On the left is Powermaster Prime, and on the right is Titan - Master Autobot Apex. Don't they look cool? Sure they do.

The idea behind this game is to unite the head with the body and put them together in order to get complete Transformer which will then engage in city's defense. When the battle begins, the transformer will stay in the middle, while bombs will keep falling onto the city from the sky from all directions. Your job is to protect the city and shoot back at those bombs. The longer you keep this line of defense the better. Your missiles need to intercept and destroy enemies' bombs. Otherwise, the city will be destroyed. That's your mission.

How to play? Click or tap anywhere to shoot. Projectiles take the time to travel so you need to carefully time your shoot. Calculate the distance the bomb will travel for the time projectile takes to get there. You must intercept them. Each time you destroy projectile a new Energon cube will pop up. Tap or click on it while laying on the ground to collect it. Energon is necessary to fill up the power gauge or otherwise you will run out of bullets. This is also how you power up the turrets.

The bombs will keep falling until you power up the Fortress Maximus or until the time runs out. Make sure you do your task first.

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