Vector Sigma Bot Builder

Vector Sigma is an ultimate bot builder. Use it to build you own Autobot or Decpeticon by combining parts in an unseen ways and make them unique. You can change each and every part from head to toes. Head can vary in color and size, body can be more slender or bulky, legs strong and short or thinner and longer. Each hand can be chosen separately and you can put arms with differwent weapons on them. When you have finished, you can print your creation or save it and send to friends to show off your new transformers creation. This game is not too bad in comparison to others of this kind. There is quite a number of combinations you can make but perhaps there could be even more. Some of the parts look funny when put together and that narrows down your choices. Still a descent game to occupy you for a short while. Once you finish you can 'spark' the bot so it gets saved to the 'squad'. You can email it from there to your friends, thus making this game viral. You can't use the name of the existing Autobots. Instead you're supposed to be creative and figure out new and original name for your new robot. On a random occasions, a dark energon may kick in, interrupting the process, in which case you need must fight Terrorcon - a leader of the undead army who's been injected dark energon which had brought him to life. The game Vector Sigma Bot Builder has been released by The Hub, website which is formerly known as Hasbro Discovery Communication Join Venture (cable TV operator). The game follows new series Transformes:Prime.

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