Transformers Dirtbike

Today everybody rides dirt bikes, so why wouldn't some of the Transformers too. In those rare peaceful moments, when they are not saving the planet and are not fighting for Energon, even transformers can enjoy a good ride. Judging by the colors of this biker I would say it is one of the Autobots, and I believe it is Optimus Prime himself. transformers dirtbike


Controls are standard for this type of games. Arrow keys are used for everything, to accelerate, brake and tilt back and forth. It is usually recommended to make a tilt forward when you ride uphill and thus keep balance. Similarly, to keep balance when going downhill you should tilt back a bit, which is a left arrow key. Otimus will tilt back and avoid falling off the bike. Since levels have no time limit, if you decide to ride slowly, there is no way you won't be reaching the finish line in one piece.

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Problems on track start only after level 3. There are no dangerous obstacles or anything, but uphills become extremely steep. Tipping is almost inevitable.

Game impressions

Graphics is rather descent, but is seems like there is much wrong with this game. There are no upgrades, no obstacles, nor any possibility to perform stunts, which then could be rewarded with points or something. The game thus feels a bit empty and boring. Even the bike Optimus is riding resembles more some kind of Harley rather then real dirt bike.

Still, with some imagination, it will most certainly satisfy the appetites of younger and less demanding players, and specially of those who like racing and bike riding.

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