Transformers Bumblebee Blast

This is a training simulator where Autobots prepare themselves for close combat with Decepticons. Situated in the ruins of demolished city, the program consists of several tasks you need to accomplish in order to successfully pass the training. The first task is about checking the basic skills such as taking proper cover, guns reloading and shooting at targets which pop up at random locations. A target is displayed as hologram image of an enemy, which has sensors that can recognize whether you have hit or missed.

Depending on your shooting skills you may choose one out of three offered levels of difficulty: cadet, normal and prime.

To play the game you first need to choose your weapon (there are three buttons at the bottom). Next you need to press the space bar to uncover and than you aim and shoot at the enemy. Make sure to take a cover when you run out of ammo. Head-shots are valued more than regular hits and they will determine your accuracy and of course the final score.

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