Fix The Bumblebee

The game will show you a very unique way of pooling dents out of your car, and not just any car, but the most handsome car of all Transformers - Bumblebee.

Once the game starts up, we are moving to a garage, where the whole action takes place. You will have to do some body work first, before you move on with the pain job, cleaning and washing and doing all the other cosmetics. As you can see a car took some serious hits on its door panels but the frame looks OK. Yet the dent is so bad that it messes up the factory body line so no suction cups gonna get that one off. What you would normally use is a slide hammer, but since Transformers are made out of pretty strong (and smart) metal material, a simple sledge hammer would do just fine.

The game will be helping you out with the fixing all the time in every stage of the game, by marking regions which needs to be fixed, so you always know what needs to be done. To get started, you should first click the hammer which pops up on the lower part screen panel. Than simply click on a designated region contoured in red dashed lines and the dents magically start to disappear.

Once you finish with one tool, another one pops up. The next thing is to polish out all the scratches until they're all gone.

To keep a great finish on Bumblebee, you just need to give it a good soapy wash and rinse it off thoroughly after that. Generally, you don't need to spend a fortune or use a bucket with a Mercedes-Benz price tag to get that high-dollar shine. Dip your sponge and shake it out frequently than start from the top of a car and work your way down.

Finally, to avoid water spotting, now that the car has been washed and rinsed, it's time to wash this vehicle. You will find the premium microfiber drying cloth for that job for the easiest and the quickest way to dry any remaining water.

When you're done with the body and the glasses, it is important to check the tire pressure. That is important because the correct tire pressure will give you a smoother ride, save on fuel costs and the car will grip the road the way it should.

When all that is done, you can make your car looks even better. Give it a new paint job, new tires with some fancy alloys, new headlights, some mean looking spoilers and a new cool front end mask and inevitable LED 'underglow' lights available in any color you like. Now, check out the car before and after it's finished. What a difference!

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