Battle For The Matrix

The Matrix of Leadership is stolen once more by the Decepticons and it has to be returned at all cost. The Primes of the old have hidden it deep within the Earth and for eons it was safe and sound in the Earths bowels. But as always, the cunning and always ready to take the smallest chance to take over the rain over the universe, Megatron accidentally found some long lost records of its whereabouts. Now the race is on. He must not be allowed to unite himself with the Creation Matrix because the Universe will fall into darkness once again.
The power of the Matrix is immense. It has been under the Autobots care since the very beginning. It has been passed down from one great leader to another and it had to be very well earned. Only those with high sense of honor and the ones ready for ultimate sacrifice are worthy of unification with it. Once the creation matrix changes hands the title Prime comes along. That is why all great Autobot leaders are called Primes. The Matrix is also known to have the power to restore the chose Transformer at will, since it is suspected that it has the mind of its own.
Now, for all of the given reasons you realize why is it of utmost importance to retrieve the Matrix and reunite it with its rightful owners Autobots and Optimus Prime himself. The power of the Matrix can be used for many evil purposes ...
...and that must not be allowed. Battle for the Matrix is on and we must come out of it victorious.
First you choose who will you help. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are both going on the mission and each has his own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide who suits you more. Once you have done that, the battle can start. You will clear level after level and breach the defense perimeters one by one. As you will realize the Decepticons guarding each perimeter are stronger and stronger, and that is how you know you are getting closer. You have several weapons at your disposal and can switch between them at will. You will also find Energon cubes scattered along the way, pick them up and regain power as you go. The task is hard but not impossible. The Decepticons will throw all they have at you as you advance toward your goal. They will stop at nothing to win this battle. But you must not fail. Keep in mind that faith of the Universe is in you hands and that honor and justice are on your side. Autobots will triumph once again and equilibrium of the Universe will remain intact!

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