Cargo Truck Express

Cargo Truck Express has little to do with Transformers and more with transporting cargo. Still, the very truck doing this is no one else than Optimus Prime himself. He is probably helping someone again or is in deep hiding and pretends to be an ordinary transporter.

How to play?

Anyway, your job is to move different kinds of cargo from one warehouse to another. Some bumpy terrain is in between and getting the entire load could be challenging at best, because you have also a time limit for your delivery. If you feel you won't make it in time you can always use 'turbo' and speed things up a bit. Still, make sure you use it on more even stretches so you wouldn't end up the wrong side up on the side of the road. Since this games resembles dirt bike games a lot, so do the controls.

image of Transformers Cargo Truck Express: gameplay


Arrow keys are for moving forward and backward and for keeping balance. You also have 'shift' for some boost and 'Z' to brake. All this makes this game a regular driving game, made in dirt bike style with Optimus Prime as its main hero. This could leave some players disappointed, but then again, if you like an eighteen wheeler chase and if you find crashing and tumbling fun, then this game might be ok with you. However, there are no flames and no explosions happening when truck tips, so that takes some fun out of it.


You have 5 lives for this game and I believe that is more than enough. First you transport 4 boxes of something, then water, then wood and so on. In the upper part of the screen you can see the quantity of goods you have on you. Each bump might cause you to lose some of it, in which case you lose money too. Also up there, in the right corner you can see the timer counting down and 'boost bar' which fills up and lets you know when it's ready to use. I would quantify this game as an easy one, not very challenging and buggy.

image of Transformers Cargo Truck Express: controls

Occasionally buggy

On some occasions the game will completely defy you and won't start and you could find yourself in an infinite loop of continue-loading clicking. In that case it would be prudent to reload the entire page and start over. However, once you start playing the game will work. There is also no 'back to main menu' button, no reload button, so if you want to start over the only way is to reload the entire page and load the game again, which I have found to be quite annoying. Graphics are descent for these kind of games but music is well... you either like it or you don't.

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