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  • I tried to put together a top list in one place of the best transformers games for pC, XBOX, PS2/3/4 …in one article according to multiple sources. Thanks to Punchline’s reviews and some other guys I’ve read online or seen on YouTube.

    Over the years the Transformes franchise gained success through various media including toys, film, cartoons and games. This is about games.

    1. Fall Of Cybertron (2012)

    A game connected to Cybertron series, not the Bay move. It brought many excitement in 2012 presenting dinobots DLC with G1 Optimus Prime, more than 30 playable characters, game mods, maps and abilities. It had levels, weapons to buy in Teletran 1, CO-OP campaign. Totally gave you some motivation at first and it has an attractive PVP system. Later, when Teletran 1 was closed, all your characters maxed, all games mode and maps tried out, hackers that got you with one hit got in the game, it wasn’t much worth buying a DLC if you hasn’t and even if you did players started to massively leave it.

    This time around, Cybertron is dying and reigning Autobots are breaking through the Decepticons’ forces and assemble a transport vessel that can take them safely off the Planet.

    2. Transformers War of Cybertron (2010)

    A great game, that fills you with nostalgia when you remember old times. Many archivmenets you can get, level up your characters, very good PVP matches, modes and system. Many people still play it today to feel like Cybertron warrior. The game will never get old . It was totally 5/5. This one is everyone’ all time favorite game. The story is the best that has ever been, the gameplay’s fluid. Unlike previous instances of Transformes, this one takes place on Cybertron rather than on Earth. The main story is during the war, the both sides are beating each other. This game also gives an alternative interpretation of how Starscream turned to Decepticons, how Optimus became a Prime, and how Cubertron became unable to support life. This is a third-person shooter which plays like it is expected to.

    Read the full review here:

    3. Rise Of The Dark Spark (2014)

    A game made according to the 3rd movie. Game had more than 40 characters, amazing SP and G1 characters, but the face there is no real PVP multiplayer made many consider it “just worth a rent” or just not buy it and shred a tear for MP hopes.

    Check out the full review here:

    4. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

    Coming to the game scene in 2009,there was finally a multiplayer, with game modes and maps, and leaderboards. Some characters like Ironhide and Starscream were unlockable in G1 colors, everyone was exited. This was never a pay to win game, it was skill that is important and hours of practice. By the time, gamers met problems of hackers, that used cheat programs to win in the game. Game had no effective anti-cheat system and it was never updated. It has no levels, upgrades to do. The excitement vanished, with less than 100 players still remaining active now.

    5. Transformers The Game (2007)

    First PC game based on movie ….Worst of the best.

    Sunday, November 1st, 2015

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