Portal Of Destruction

Portal of Destruction is a robot transfromers game where you play as a Predaking robot who transforms back and fort into a flying dragon. These robots called Beast Hunters belong to the second phase of the Prime franchise. They joined the Decepticons because they beleive that Megatron will resurrect the rest of the Predacon race once the Cybertron was restored.
Now, Autobots have to fight against these Beast Hunters as well.

The goal of the game is to bring mayhem to the city by destroying all the buildings and everything in sight. The enemies (humans) will try to stop you with their planes, helicopters and tanks.
The game very much resembles an old Hulk game called Hulk Smash Up (moze link na nasu igru na batu). Here, the graphics of the city, the buildings, robots and everything there is to see is very nicely done. Controls are easy to use and very logical. Even the music is not too bad, even if it goes round and round you can still tune it out or if you wish you can mute it. There is a time limit for every level and that is one more parameter to keep an eye on besides health meter. You start with less buildings and less enemies and work your way to the entire block of buildings and an army standing against you.


Controls for the robot are arrow keys to navigate, up arrow key to climb, A is for shooting, S is to transform into a dragon, space is to jump. To shoot while climbing on the building use left/right/up arrow key plus A. Combine controls as necessary to acheve the result you want. Controls for the dragon are similar to the controls for the robot. Arrow keys to move, space is to fly and all other controls for shooting and shooting while flying are the same as for the robot.


If you destroy the bomb droped from the bomber plane you get the SmartBomb. The eighteen wheeler truck when destroyed brings you triple fire which is very useful to shoot at ground and air enemies at once. And if you destroy the hot dog truck you get a health boost which is always useful.


There are three types of enemies here:

  • The bomber planes - flies from one side to the other and drops bombs on you. Destroy it and win a Smart Bomb powerup.
  • Helicopter - this is the tricky one because it moves up and down across the screen and then hovers for a moment. There are no powerups when you destroy the helicopter but you still get points and also you get to keep your health points because it won't bother you no more.
  • Tanks - these ground crawlers come from both sides of he screen and you have to turn into a dragon to destroy them because the dragon is closer to the ground. Or if you have triple fire you can shoot at it as a robot, your choice.

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