Mega Mech Assembling – Final Battle

Earth is once again in danger from new kind of space invaders. However against these creatures, us humans are not strong enough and we'll need to turn to technology to defeat them. Building Mega Mechs could be our answer. Assembling these big robots in factories and sending them to battle just might be the answer we need to win this war. Our best scientists and mechanics have joined forces in this incredible feat and results are astonishing. A factory where you can single handedly build a Mech Unit all by yourself, and then take it out into the battle to destroy the incoming enemies. Your journey begins in the factory where you assemble the Mech. Four conveyor belts are bringing in the parts and it is your job to put them in the right place. The factory robot welds each part in its place before you put the next one in its designated place. Once you have completed the metal sceleton, armour and weapons come next. Once completely assembled Mega Mech is then sent into battle where you get to control it. Your job is to destroy as much enemies as you can before your robots is too badly damaged. That is when you proceed to the next level given you have done your job well. The entire game is played using mouse only and requires some small degree of accuracy and mechanic knowledge. The robot parts need to be placed very accuratly into the right spot and that needs to be done as fast as possible. You will be getting points for accuracy as well as points for time bonus. Once completed the robot is out to the battlefield. It shoots automaticaly so all you need to do is point it to the right direction. But beware, the enemy is shooting back so you need to move to avoid incoming fire. When your Mech is so badly damaged it can't continue the battle, you go back to the factory and build yourself another one, a better one. Each next robot is more complex and stronger. It shoots faster and moves more easily.

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