Optimus Prime Dressup

Optimus Prime is in need of some reconstruction. upgrades are available but the question is what to use and what to toss. There is one heck of an upgrade for each part of him starting from his helmet and all the way down to his legs. Weapons are there too, all new and shiny and with a lot more kick. Besides all the body parts you can change, you can add wings which will make things much easier for him. And when you are done and happy with your latest engineering accomplishment you can even change the background to match your work. The option of text change is also available so before you print out your upgraded version of Optimus Prime you can change the text to match. Still, if you are in need of an idea, you can always use the random option and see what happens. This cartoonish game is as interesting as the game of this kind can be. You have enough parts to combine and there is also a background change option so whatever you make, can be presented completely differently using these. All in all, not too bad.

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