Transformers Bot Shots

Bot Shot Battle game is fight between two opponents, one good and one bad transformers. This game reminds me of rock, paper, scissors game because its gameplay is very similar. There is a board where one of three symbols is appearing and your job is to match the same symbol twice. The opponent is doing the same thing but you so not know which two symbols he had matched. So, when the battle begins your symbol is going against the one your opponent has. There are three symbols, the fist, the sword and the gun. Fist beats sword, sword beats gun, gun beats fist. If your symbol is strong your robot hits the other one and you win points, while he loses life energy. The winner is the last transformers standing. Then you go to the next round and go against another opponent. You can go against Megatron, Starscream and other evil Transformers and you always play as Bumblebee.

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