Victory Is Sweet 3D

Victory is Sweet is a 3D transformers action game made by blit game development for Unity. Unity is a 3d gaming platform that usually takes up larger files but the result is so much better in respect to visual effects and the atmosphere. Gameplay is pretty much basic and as soon as you start the game, it simply won't matter - trust me on that one. The idea is that you play as Bumblebee on a mission to stop Starscream and his army of evil robots (Decepticons). They are simply destroying the city and your task is to eliminate them all and to find three beacons that Starscream uses to coordinate the attack. As you go, you should collect weapons, upgrades and health packages for better performance. Also, you can press 'e' key to switch/transform between the car and the robot. Car is much faster but you get to control Robot much better. 3D in game's name indicates the option to switch in 3D reality mode, but you should have special 3D glasses for that. I will leave controls on the next screen so you can check them at any time in case you need a reminder. The game name contains word 'sweet' because it was probably sponsored by candymania website, so you might stumble upon few pieces of candy inside - who knows.

Watch the Victory is Sweet Walkthrough on youtube


Victory is sweet transformers screenshot #1
Victory is sweet transformers screenshot #2
Victory is sweet transformers screenshot #3

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