Transformers Space War

The war is still raging between the benevolent transformers robots Autobots and the malevolent Decepticons. The leader of Autobots Optimus Prime is on a mission to find the All Spark which will help rebuild their destroyed home planet Cybertron. The planet fell victim to this senseless war and this mission is the last chance for it to be rebuild.

Bonus Items

The game takes place in space where Optimus is encountering all kinds of enemy defenses and space junk. Avoid whatever comes at you and shoot down whatever you can. You will find some bonus items like super laser, extra rockets, extra energy, hyper speed, extra chance and bonus points so try not to miss them because any of these might come handy at one point or another.


Sometimes there will be some pretty large objects coming at you or some extra evil villains and you can launch the Power Punch at those if you press and hold the "N" key. When you brake them keep and eye out for bonuses hidden within some of these obstacles. You also have the Shield which is activated by pressing the spacebar. But, while the shield is up the Optimus Prime is protected but totally immobilized. Pay attention on your energy meter because the shield is draining it very fast so use it only when necessary. If you lose all of your energy you lose a life. Other controls are arrow keys for navigation, "N" to launch a rocket, "B" to fire lasers and "P" to pause the game.

Overall Impression

The game is reasonably interesting, except the music which is autistic and goes round and round. It gets annoying after a while. Sadly there is no mute button so if you want to get rid of it you'll have to mute it on your computer. The graphics are done quite nicely and your enemies are various. Takes a while to get use to it but once you get the handle on it it can be a good way to spend some of your extra time playing.

Game Screenshots

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