Robot Warrior

Robots are complex, almost perfect machines . They consist of thousands of metal assemblies, controlled and manipulated by microprocessor-controlled hydraulic motors.Until a few years ago, we could have only dreamed about creating an autonomous bio- mechanical creature like this. Today, robots are our present and definitely our future. Today we control them, and tomorrow who knows - maybe things will turn around completely and they will put us in control.

In this game you partake in building a "Robot Warrior". Sitting in control room chair, you remotely administer the process of precise installation of sensitive robot parts. Just like in a puzzle game, each part should be set up and installed in exactly the marked space. The game has only one level, which consists of 3 production stages. Each stage represents a further upgrading of existing robot. Exactly the same process took place when Transformers were created, as well as Optimus Prime.

image of Robot Warrior poster

You can't get more fun and more engagement from action-free building puzzle like this is. My 4 stars our of 5 goes for the design and for paying attention to small details.

image of Robot Warrior: look on assembly line

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