Dinobot Hunt

In Dinobot Hunt, Optimus Prime and Crosshair team up with Grimlock and Slug to get across the battlefield, through heavy artillery and collect all energon cubes. This is html5 game made by Hasbro and you should be able to play it from your mobile device as well.

How to play?

On "Dinobot Hunt" instructions page, it says that your task is to destroy enemy scout troopers (those are moving robots) and enemy defense turrets (those are stationary objects), while energon cubes (those bluish rotating things) are for bonus points. That is not entirely correct. At the beginning of every mission your goal has been explained. For instance, you must collect, say 10 energon cubes and destroy 2 turrets in 100 seconds, in order to complete the mission. Generally destroying the rest of turrets is a matter of getting extra points and for your own protection of course , but it is usually unnecessary to clear out the board from your enemies.

image of Dinabot Hunt poster


Regarding controls, you navigate with arrow keys while space bar is for shooting.

Who is the mysterious pair?

You may choose between two teams you think is the best one for this mission: a) Optimus Prime with Grimlock and b) Crosshair with Dinobot Slug. Make sure to complete all 5 mission to get the last pair unlocked.

image of Dinabot Hunt gameplay

Who are Dinobots?

Dinobots, or also known as Dynobots, are robotic subgroup of Autobots. The best known are Slag, Grimlock, Swoop, Sludge and Snarl. The first time we mentioned Dinobots on Transformers Arcade was when we announced upcoming movie at that time, Age of Extinction because rumors were that some Dinobots would had taken the role. It turned out to be true as you can see in a movie clip below:

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