Super Robot War

Super Robot War is a shooting and fighting arcade where you control a robot in a fight against other enemy machines. The theme is very similar to the one we already have in Transformers. And if we take into an account that this is a MiniClip game it is clear that our robot is not an Autobot, but is still incredibly reminiscent, above all because of the transformation into some kind of armored vehicle which looks like a tank. The gameplay was not very well thought through and the game itself throws you directly into the fight without giving you any hints on who is your enemy and why. On all levels you will see big crunching machines with big sprockets which grind everything in front of them and are slowly coming at you. Our recommendation is that you use only super attacks against them. For regular robots use laser weapons. Overall it is one crazy shooting spree and enemies are all over you so you don't have any time to think about anything. Here we will show a picture on how to play Super Robot War, and on top of the next page you will be able to see the controls at all times. They are quite complicated to use and take some time to master. super robot war help screen

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