Metal Arm Battle Machine

Metal Arm Battle is a transformers game about robots fistfighting one against each other. You play as one of the robots, sitting inside the robot's head, which gives you a nice view at your opponent. It's a fair fistfight so you don't use any kind of weapons just boxing skills. Rules are pretty much basic: avoid punches and try to beat your opponent as bad as possible.

Controls: Push mouse up to defend. This will cause your robot to raise hands up and block punches coming from your opponent. Lean left and click to make a left-hand punch or lean to right and then click to punch with your right fist. If you keep clicking in the middle this will initiate a series of rapid punches.

From time to time it is wise to raise your hands and block the opponents punches. You must save energy

First round Jet Fawege vs Gladiator Fawege:

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