Transformers Hidden Numbers

Somebody took few pictures of Autobots during their epic battle with Decepticons and now you can test your observation skills and try to find 20 hidden numbers in each of the three pictures. Every picture represents one gaming level and you should try to find all numbers as fast as you can to move to the next one. A magnifying glass will help your search better, but you also use it to for number selection. Once you click the number, it vanishes from the screen and also from the bottom of the picture. Have fun and see how fast you can see and eliminate all numbers hidden all over the pictures. The more numbers you find the harder you will find those left hidden. I usually spend the most time searching for the last number.
Would you like to see a similar transformers game not with numbers but the real hidden objects, with all kinds of weapons, shields, car and truck parts, maybe transformers masks and stuff like that. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

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