This truck is not one of the Transformers but it does have a power of transformation, so it's called Trucksformer. It's nothing drastic, but it's made clever enough to pass by any obstacle on the road.

First of all, you drive the truck as usual, with arrow keys, to go forward and in reverse, and to keep balance. This truck has a bit oversized tires so it easily drives over harsh terrain or other vehicles. Almost like monster trucks do. Controls are explained on image below:

image of Trucksformers key controls

As you can see from the typical gameplay screenshot below, there are lots of blasts and fire flames all over the place. Theoretically you can drive over the flame, but you will loose health very fast. The same goes for going through the walls, or tipping over to roof etc... Once your health meter goes to zero, you are done.

image of Trucksformers typical gameplay

Turning on rases blades that come out under the truck's hood is cool feature. Having the blades 'on', you can easily cut through concrete walls without any damage. You just must press key '3' as soon as you see concrete barrier.

image of Trucksformers raser blades

Hovering mode is one of the coolest. Tires get pulled in and your truck hovers over fire or any other ground obstacle. You just press key '2' to transform it to 'hover mode'.

image of Trucksformers hovering mode

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