Repair Your Transformers – Garage Work

Ok, what do you do when Bumblebee returns to garage, covered up with dirt, all muddy and scratched up. You gotta get it fixed, right? So, what do you do?

First you clean it up with a water spray. Than you sponge it with soap water to get it all covered in bubbles. Than you rinse it off with clean water again. And finally, a pair of cotton towels should do the trick and dry it off to prevent water marks.

But wait, it's not just Bumblebee who needs fixing. There are other Transformers as well: Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Ratchet, Autobot Drift and Hound. Each one of them needs a good care to stay in perfect shape, ready to engage new battles.

The point is that if you take a good care of things, they will serve you good and they will last longer. and this is what you want, correct?

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