Battle Station – Transformers Tower Defense

How to play Battle Station - Transformers?

The first thing you want to do is to choose your turrets. Those are stationary weapons that you pick up from the main menu and drag them down on the war tracks. As you can see your warrior, which is probably one of the Autobots, sits there on the left side with the unsheathed sword, but basically he does nothing to defend himself. So it's your job to help him defend and make sure none of the incoming robots gets passed that last line of defense. In case that happens you will loose.

Napalm sounds good but it's very expensive for a one time use only. I guess it could be useful when the game gets its full potential or when you get overcrowded by the enemies. Until than I would spend more money on stationary guns like small gun and a big gun and combine them with the shields. For 650 you can buy a small gun with a shield instead of a one time napalm bomb. But, as can see, it's all about strategizing and different combos work best in different situations, so it's up to you. when you're ready just click on the 'start the war' button and the war starts.

One of the turrets I didn't figure out at first was the Generator. It seems that it does nothing but actually it is quite important. It generates blue energy balls and it expects your interaction, which means that you must click the ball to pop it up and receive the increasy in energy, which in turn is your points for buying new turrets. So basically generator is the most important for the game. You just need to click on a blue ball each time the generator makes one.

Ok, I was wrong about the hero. Actually he can move up and down the tracks and if you press space bar he will attack the approaching enemy with his sword. It's just that you must perfectly align him with the enemy, otherwise the robot will keep swinging his sward through the air without killing or damaging anybody. If that happens the enemy will easily sneak by and pass through the last line and you will loose.

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