Boulder Dash – Bumblebee Racing Game

In short, Bumblebee was heading somewhere when Starscream decided to make his travel less comfortable by causing a big boulder avalanche. Bumblebee indeed is quite skilled driver, so he sees no problem in doing slalom between those big rocks laying there on the road. The question is how long can he drive before he runs out of fuel or before the rocks bring his shield down to a critical level.

This is how the scoring system works:

  • Bonus points - These are marked with 'B'. They don't improve your engine and basically serve nothing except for better score you get in the end. I don't see any sensible use of them.
  • Fuel points - That's the energon energy. The more you collect, further you go, depending on the damage of course. These are marked with 'E' letters. Picking them up will give you more miles to go.
  • Shield points - The total score counts them in too, but I don't see how you can collect them. In-game help doesn't mention them either. The only thing that comes to my mind is a shield bar, the one you see in the top left corner, but that one just constantly decreases and I don't see how to recharge it. Maybe if you die, like when you run out of fuel, the game counts the remaining shield value as points. That must be it.

Controls look a bit dated having in mind this is newer Hasbro's game. It's because the car navigation is controlled only with the mouse. You basically move the mouse between the obstacles which feels a bit odd for a car. The ending is quite disappointing as well. Once you finish a round the only option you get is a reply. That just sucks.

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