Prime Pulsar Defense

Decepticons are almost finished with their Energon Drain weapon. Autobots only hope is to build a Pulsar Dish and use it to destroy that weapon. But parts are only available in the vortex debris and there is so little time. And yet they have no choice but to begin the construction NOW.

Start collecting parts from the Space Vortex and place them on the outlines to build the Pulsar Dish. As you know A Pulsar Dish is a special weapon that can be made out of any metal laying on the ground. Click on the Autobots sign to slow down time and get extra points. Green rotating circle does the same thing, slows down time. But, whatever you do, stay away from purple Decepticon signs. Decepticons will try to destroy your weapon, and you can try to defend yourself by stacking rocks between your weapon and the attacking enemies.

In each phase you have to find and put together several parts of the weapon. If you feel overwhelmed by the enemies you can always call some of your Autobot friends to come to your aid and defend you against the attackers. For example, Optimus will show up with a star saber sword in his hands. You can see 5 Autobots in your right part of the screen. Use them wisely because they can do only so much for you. Give it your maximum to do as much as you can by yourself. Now, get to work and good luck.

The game is made to support the Transformers: Prime franchise which was launched back in 2010.

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