The Return Of Optimus

It is very hard to imagine any game title about transformers that hasn't been already used, accidently or on purpose. The Return Of Optimus Prime was 1987 two part cartoon series aired on American television. And this game was obviously honored to that show.

The first bad guy Optimus must handle is Ravage, one of the most loyal Soundwaves spies and one of the most deadliest Megatron's machines. The cat it depicts is probably panther, although it could also be a jaguar. Although Ravage operates best at night, this time he faces Optimus at open in the middle of a day. So maybe terrain and curcumstances are not on his side, but his sharp claws are still very deadly weapons. Ravage is glued to Prime, following his every step, taking every chance to get his claws into Optimus torso.

image of The Return Of Optimus Prime: Rachet creeping up on Optimus from behind

Controls are logical and clear, but the movements needs to be redone. You walk around with WASD keys, while you can use 'J' and 'K' to kick or use a sward on your enemy. 'I' transforms Optimus into his truck incarnation so he can get away easily if it gets tough. Also try 'U' and 'O' keys to see some more attacks.

image of The Return Of Optimus Prime: bonus (driving) level

When (if) you take your enemy down, you will be promoted to a bonus level, in which you drive Optimus' truck on a three lane road, trying your best to avoid head collision with the road obstacles. You can't shoot, transform anything like that. You can only drive between obstacles by changing lanes rapidly.

image of The Return Of Optimus Prime: new enemies

After you finish up the bonus level, you may expect to fight some other Decepticons in battle arena. The concept as well the controls remain the same, so the game feels a little bit repetitive. If you turn a blind eye on that and terrible controls, you will get a decent arcade fighting game with transformers.

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