Super Mechs


Super Mechs is an online multilayer game where you can fight against other online players or against computer. First you have to login, as a guest you have fewer options and cannot play against other players and you can login under your own nick. You start with a basic equipped Mech Unit which is used to fight other Mechs in a ring. You take turns and try to inflict most damage and avoid receiving a hit as much as possible. In you upper part of the screen you can see your health bar, energy bar, heat bar and all other important info about the health of your Unit.


There are many different weapons you can buy in a shop and use them to upgrade your robot. But, you need to win some battles first. When you finish buying all those upgrades you go to My Mech section and add those upgrades physically on you Mech, because if you don't they are just bought but if not mounted they are of no use. You will see your inventory on your left side and there and then decide which to use. When you buy several upgrades you will notice some of those are outdated and you can then sell them for money. That way you make more room for new pieces and get some extra cash to buy more.
There are three kinds of weapons and they are just as they say:

  • energy weapons - they use your energy and you must look at your energy bar to see how long can you use those
  • bullet weapons - need bullets to fire, make sure you keep the count
  • rocket weapons - need rockets to fire, also make sure you have those or your weapon is useless.
  • heat damage - you can inflict heat damage on your opponent.

Other options

  • range - firing range is very important and you have to pay attention to it at all times. Your weapon will inflict no damage on your enemy is he is out of range, so make sure he is always within your grasp.
  • drone - when activated it fires on its own at the end of every turn and can be very useful because it does additional damage.
  • shield - absorbs impact at the cost of energy and sometimes can be a good idea to use it.
  • charge - move forward fast and hit the enemy - you inflict damage and come in close proximity of your opponent.
  • teleport - use it to move anywhere on the field, close to the enemy or far away from it.
  • grappling hook - pull your enemy close to you.
  • physical damage - lowers your enemies hit points, damages his health.
  • explosive damage - lowers hit points and rises heat of the enemy.
  • electric damage - lowers hit points and his energy. physical resistance - reduces physical damage taken. explosive resistance - reduces explosive damage taken. electric resistance - reduces electric damage taken.


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