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  • Autobots – What or who exactly are they?

    Mostly all of us in our childhood days were very much interested in the cartoon characters and all the imaginary hero characters having all kinds of superpowers. Everyone of us wanted to be like them. One such fictional superhero who can change himself whenever needed into a fighter aircraft or a racing car or into a lethal weapon and fight the enemy is the Autobots. We can define it in simple terms Automatic robot.

    The Transformers, A Family

    The family of Autobots having these special capabilities to transform themselves from one form to another have given them the name “The Transformers”. Autobots, an army of living robots that came to earth from an alien planet named Cybertron. They play the lead role in the imaginary world of the Transformers. They were first launched in the year 1984 having various forms as the name. A vast collection of toys, Comic novels, paper bags, cartoons and some super hit movies were introduced by their characters. The transformer story has the heroes, The Autobots and the villain’s role is played by the similar kind of robots named as Evil Decepticons. Those who can change themselves into humans are termed as Pretenders. Let us have some information about the different Autobots and their characteristics.

    Optimus Prime – The Leader

    Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

    The Autobots Leader as he has to be, Optimus Prime is portrayed to be a very intelligent, valiant and benevolent leader. He always uses his powers for the benefit of the world. He has vowed for the safety of all the population of the earth. He has a very high level of integrity and morality and resembles The Red 379 Peterbilt Truck when he is in his vehicle mode.


    Bumblebee – The spy



    His small size amongst the Autobots makes him the perfect spy. Bumblebee makes the best use of his small size for surveillance and investigation. Having the fame of wildly blabbermouth initially, today he is a hushed combatant. He is a brave undercover agent who crosses the enemy lines and was unstoppable inspite of having an attractive bright yellow shield. His unfathomable spirit and friendly and humorous demeanor was priceless during the war period. In his vehicle mode, he resembles the Yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

    Ironhide – The Guard



    He is a superior fighter among the Autobots but deficient of obedience and regulation. His responsibility is to safeguard Optimus Prime. His prime weapon for the security is the Laser Cannon. When he is not a robot, he shines as a W163 Mercedes in Cobalt Blue colour.

    Ratchet – The Medic



    The very original and most lived amongst all the Transformers is the Rachet. White Colour Red stripped Ambulance with flashing emergency lights was the form of him before transformation. You can call him as the Chief Medical Officer of the Autobots Army. He has a large fan club. Being a great soldier, he has displayed his bravery and trustworthiness many times.

    Silverstreak – The Chatterbox

    True to the fame of a chatterbox, he never ever holds his mouth. He chats with the guards on duty. He never feels alone because he talks with himself.



    He chats when he is in his charge cycles. Even in the war he is busy having a good chat with enemy soldiers. The Decepticons always try to avoid to fight with him because they are just fed up of his nonstop talks. This Autobot transforms himself in to a Semi-Transparent Blue Deluxe Sedan.
    So this fictional world of Autobots has not only managed to take the kids fantasy, but the adults are also not immune to it and it has taken the world by storm.

    Thursday, November 24th, 2011

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