Robocop 2

Bone machine is one of the greatest Robocop's enemies. He is an ex cop who crossed to the other side of the law at one time. He's got very strong, practically impenetrable armour, wears a helmet and scull mask on top, hense the name 'Bone'. His main weapons are quadra guns, which function as rocket launcher too.

Robocop 2 is made to be first person shooter. There is no movement and there is only one scene. Bone Machine shoots out projectiles and you are trying to intercept them before they hit you. There is no other way to avoid being hit by those missiles. In the upper right corner you can see your opponent's health meter, which decreases each time you make a head shot. What happens in 99% of the time is that you die within a 20sec time window. The game is extremely hard. It is practically mission impossible. I personally didn't succeed in destroying Bone even after a ten minute play, so I gave up.

Robocop 2 online game


Use mouse to aim at enemy's head or aim at incoming rockets. Left click is to shoot.

Robocop 2 bone machine Robocop 2 you lose

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