Transformers Word Search

Transformers are lost, but not in space or in battle but in letters. Find them all and get them out of this random looking mumble jumble. There are 20 Transformers names on he left side of the screen. Read them once so you know what to look for in the table on the right. It is filled with what looks like random letters. And yet all 20 names are hidden somewhere inside. When you find one just click on the first letter and move over to the last letter without letting go of the mouse. The pink line will merge and name will disappear from the list. The names can be placed in any direction possible. From right to left, left to right, up or down even diagonally. Check every possible direction and all names will be revealed. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ratchet and many others are waiting for you to get them out of this mess.

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