Transformers 3 War Of Cybertron

Fight with Primus against Unicron. The first battle for the universe was over and chaos bringer Unicron was slumbering in the void he created when he consumed the whole Universe. But no one can consume every little bit, so the remaining bits and parts started to create the Universe once more, second time around. The young universe knew that once the Unicron is awake he will start devouring it too. As the Universe grew and the danger becoming bigger and bigger the sentient core of the universe had to do something to protect itself. Eventually the Primus was created. The Lord of the Light Primus came to existence and he was the only one who could defeat his brother Unicron. The two were made as absolute opposites. Unicron was the destroyer and chaos bringer and Primus was the Lord of the Light and Order and the one who can help this current universe survive and give birth to many new civilizations. After many battles that shook the universe, after many shifts and changes, neither side was victorious. They were evenly matched and it was unlikely that either can win on his own. That is when Primus created a race of guardians to help him in this battle. He also crated the world for them to live in and that world we know today as Cybertron. The race that came to be were Transformers, and they all had the genetic Matrix of Primus. And in order to protect them, he went ...
...into slumber, so that Unicron could not find the newly created world. Eventually, the Unicron was destroyed by the brave leader of Autobots called Optimus Prime and fulfilled the destiny that was given to them by the Lord.
Now, in this game you will not replay that final battle with Optimus Prime, but one of the first battles between the Unicron and Primus. Perhaps you could change the history and bring victory much sooner to the young universe. Primus is a very strong and well armed opponent and you will have no trouble fending off the attack the chaos bringer Unicron is launching at you. Use the arrow keys and defend yourself against asteroids and energy balls he is throwing your way. You have several weapons at your disposal and use them all well. The good combination of those and precise shooting will ensure the victory. Or will it?! Perhaps the history cannot be changed and the things are to be as they were. Still, you have the opportunity if not to win, but to damage the Unicron more than the first time and make it easier for the transformers. You can help Optimus to win his final battle somewhat easier that he actually did.

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