Energon Within

Energon represents the life itself for the Transformers. Autobots have found and secured one mining site and built a mine to ensure the steady and safe supply of energon.
The mine is rich and energon ore is not too difficult to extract at this site. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are usually those who come when the shipment is ready and check out the mine, the workers and the situation in and around the digging site. This time it is no different. They were getting ready to head out, the shipment was ready and everything was in order, until they saw the Decepticon scout flying over them. Their cover and secrecy of the mine were blown and some action was needed.
Since Autobots know Decepticons so well, and especially Megatron and the way he thinks, they provided the protection of the dig. Missiles are ready to be deployed. Now, this is where you come in. There is one aiming point and you have to give the direction of the missiles. The thing is that Decepticons are attacking from all over. Flying ones are stealing Energon from the damaged vehicle, others are climbing the dome of the mine and sliding inside and the third group is using underground tunnels to get to the ore. That gives you three entry points you have to guard. But besides the angle of the missiles, you can also control the velocity. While shooting, you have to be extra careful not to hit the mine itself, because it will ...
...blow sky high. Use these features well and defend the mine from swarms of Decepticons. They need only one hundred cubes of Energon to win the game. And even then it is not all over. As we all know very well, a one hundred cubes of Energon is nothing compared to the riches the mine keeps in its bowels. So even if the first wave overwhelms you, you will always have another chance to defend the mine. Optimus and Bumblebee are at your side in this battle. Once more the faith of the Transformers lies in your hands. The alliance between the Autobots and people is once more needed in order to defend whats rightfully ours! Megatron is always on the lookout for something new to steal and finally achieve his goals, meaning the rule of the Universe! This Autobot Energon mine is at this moment the only source of Energon Autobots have at their disposal. You know what you have to do?!

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